This widget Embeds a published video on a web page. The Embed widget uses the same embed functionality that is available on your channel today. By default, embed code is generated in "div" but you can use the parameters to specify it to generate it in an "iframe" also. The "div" is generated using width & height provided in the parameters to load a player which in turn plays the video passed in as the parameter. If the video is a Rich Media content, Microsoft Silverlight must be installed on client’s end. If Silverlight is not installed, the media automatically falls back to VIDIZMO HTML5 and Flash players to playback the video.

This widget honors Domain Restrictions as well, so make sure when the Domain Restriction is applied, add the website domain as a Trusted Domain where this widget is added.

Moreover, logged in users must have access to the video to play it back. Therefore use the Login widget appropriately before using this widget to play a private video.


Following are the properties that are passed in the embed code:

Common Properties In Both The "Div" & "iFrame" 

Set this values to “true” if you need to embed in an iframe otherwise, you do not need to define it
Width of the video
Height of the video
Mashup id of the video to display
This property is used to identify the user and its access rights

Properties Applicable Only To The "Div" 

Use this parameter to pass the encrypted live session Id
Use this parameter to pass an un-encrypted live session Id

Properties Applicable Only To The "iFrame" 

Set this value to “true” to generate a friendly URL for external playback, otherwise, the friendly URL is not generated
This is the title and is used in friendly URL generation
This is the encrypted mashup Id for the video to display
tenant_domain/ tenant_subdomain
These are the domain and sub-domain Ids used in friendly URL generation
This property is used to display the live session Id

To learn more how these Widgets work, click here on VIDIZMO Widgets API Implementation.

For a complete list of VIDIZMO APIs, click here on VIDIZMO Developer APIs.

Sample Code


<div id="embedDiv"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
 vidizmo.videos.embed('#embedDiv', {
 width: 750,
 height: 600,
 id: 'hnUXLaCAiDnNMlzi%2f2umUQ%3d%3d', // encrypted id of video


Here’s how this embed widget would look in browser