This is a data widget that logs in a user by providing an Email address, First name, Last name, and External System Id. However, for this to work, calling domain must be added in ‘Trusted Domains’ section under Channel Settings. This widget authenticates the user and prepares session used by other widgets later on. Therefore if content for the logged in user is desired then this widget must be used before using any other widgets. Without using Login widget, other widgets will only display content accessible to Anonymous users.

This API is often used when an SSO behavior is desired. In case user information provided was not found on the Channel, the user would be signed up automatically and made part of the Channel. Protection against misuse is through the ‘Trusted Domains’ option. Therefore any unknown or unwanted domain or IP must not be added in ‘Trusted Domains’ field under Channel Settings.

After successful login, this widget would return JSON object with MessageCode property set to ‘0’, along with user object. The object returned by Login call is the same as that as the one returned in the previous call.

Sample Code


<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
        email: '',
        first_name: '',
        last_name: '',
        federated_user_identifier: '1215'    // User id in external system kept as reference in VIDIZMO. A mandatory field
    }, function (response) {

        if (response.status === vidizmo.enumerations.resultstatus.success) {
            // login success
        else {
            // login failed




Email address of user, which will be used as login credentials
User id in external system kept as a reference in VIDIZMO. A mandatory  field
Name of groups in order to add


  "session_timeout_in_minutes": 1440,
  "accesstoken_created_datetime": "2014-01-21T13:04:46Z",
  "user_profile": {
    "anonymous": false,
    "default_tenant_id": 1647,
    "associations": [
        "is_active": true,
        "is_deleted": false,
        "registration_status": 2,
        "user_profile": null,
        "tenant": {
          "id": 1643,
          "name": "LexCorp",
          "domain": "",
          "logo_url": "//",
          "parent_tenant_id": 0,
          "weight": 0,
          "is_featured": null
        "tenant_id": 1643,
        "user_id": 150807
    "federateed_users": [
    "id": 91821,
    "first_name": "Mark",
    "last_name": "Turner",
    "email_address": ""
  "access_token": "HLtqDMxfm7hmBLP%2fDMS8RaDjlUGK3DY2qgCHf7YhStBgY0Ka2UKIHpLj2KvupImodV%2fhl8IQ2RS5Q6GnCaF8xfzCt9mQbpVZ%2fGVHHDXf0hmZNRQgm3YLDt%2fie5aaHEIf",
  "status": 1,
  "status_code": 200,
  "message": null


Response properties explanation is the same as the one provided in Login method with Credentials.

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