Developers can get featured videos for a specific channel by passing value “search_mashups” in “action” parameter and passing value “true” in “IsFeature” parameter. Additionally, the developer can pass any other optional parameter provided below to get the required result set.

To set User Context and get user specific Featured Videos back, either use VIDIZMO JS Login API before calling this method or use VIDIZMO Web Login method and additionally pass "access_token" parameter to this call API.






It must be set to ‘search_mashups’ in this case.


It must be set ‘true,' to get featured videos.

Note: Video results can be filtered & sorted out in many ways. For Details see “GET Filtered Videos.”



    "result": {
        "related_tags": [],
        "mashups": [
              "custom_mashup_attributes": [                
                    "custom_attribute_id": 92,
                    "custom_attribute_value": "yes",
                    "custom_attribute_name": "Adverrisement",
                    "id": 948,
                    "mashup_id": 106398,
                    "tenant_id": 5145
              "id": 106398,
              "id_hash": "v4E1tyHZYohRHiz%2bJZBZbA%3d%3d",
              "weight": 2,
              "title": "RIO",
              "duration": 150,
              "thumbnail_url": "",
              "content_count": 11,
              "thumbnail_large_url": "",
              "thumbnail_medium_url": "",
              "long_description": "",
              "description": "RIO",
              "size": 45472039,
              "tenant": {
                  "id": 5145,
                  "name": null,
                  "domain": "",
                  "logo_url": null,
                  "parent_tenant_id": 0,
                  "weight": 0,
                  "is_featured": null,
                  "welcome_message": null,
                  "welcome_title": null,
                  "parent_tenant_logo_url": null
              "owner": {
                  "user_profile": {
                      "id": 0,
                      "first_name": "Muhammad",
                      "last_name": "Azhar",
                      "email_address": null
                  "tenant": null,
                  "tenant_id": 0,
                  "user_id": 187246
              "tags": [],
              "created_date": "2014-09-24T12:43:18.027Z",
              "published_date": "2015-04-15T06:02:23.397Z",
              "is_live": false,
              "is_sellable": false,
              "price": 0,
              "total_likes": 1,
              "total_dislikes": 1,
              "total_rating": 0,
              "total_favorites": 0,
              "total_bans": 0,
              "total_views": 5,
              "is_featured": true,
              "channel_name": null,
              "mashup_status": 3,
              "updated_date": "2015-04-14T07:20:06.24",
              "mashup_format": 8,
              "number_of_users": 0,
              "is_enforce_quiz_completion": null,
              "is_expired": false,
              "expiry_date": null,
              "show_on_channel_library": true,
              "total_no_of_sessions": 0,
              "mashup_status_value": "Published",
              "client_time_zone_offset": 0,
              "total_comments": 0,
              "mashup_meta_info_tag": "",
              "mashup_meta_info_category_name": "General",
              "mashup_format_value": "Video",
              "loop": false,
              "enforce_order": false,
              "enforce_completion": false,
              "default_viewing_access": "Anonymous",
              "comment_moderation_required": false,
              "auto_play": false,
              "auto_advance": false,
              "published_on": "2014-09-24T12:41:50.713"
        "count": 1
  "status": 1,
  "status_code": 200,
  "message": null


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