This Web API is used by developers to get a list of featured channels of an account by passing value “search_tenants” in “action” parameter and passing value “true” in “is_featured” parameter, and they can also pass any other optional parameter provided below to get the required result set.


To get Featured Channels accessible by a user, please set User Context before calling this API. Please either use VIDIZMO JS Login API before calling this method or use VIDIZMO Web Login method and additionally pass access_token parameter to this call API.











Possible values: null / true /  false 


It should always be true in that case.




    "result": {
        "related_tags": [],
        "mashups": [
              "custom_mashup_attributes": [                
                    "custom_attribute_id": 92,
                    "custom_attribute_value": "yes",
                    "custom_attribute_name": "Adverrisement",
                    "id": 948,
                    "mashup_id": 106398,
                    "tenant_id": 5145
              "id": 106398,
              "id_hash": "v4E1tyHZYohRHiz%2bJZBZbA%3d%3d",
              "weight": 2,
              "title": "RIO",
              "duration": 150,
              "thumbnail_url": "",
              "content_count": 11,
              "thumbnail_large_url": "",
              "thumbnail_medium_url": "",
              "long_description": "",
              "description": "RIO",
              "size": 45472039,
              "tenant": {
                  "id": 5145,
                  "name": null,
                  "domain": "",
                  "logo_url": null,
                  "parent_tenant_id": 0,
                  "weight": 0,
                  "is_featured": null,
                  "welcome_message": null,
                  "welcome_title": null,
                  "parent_tenant_logo_url": null
              "owner": {
                  "user_profile": {
                      "id": 0,
                      "first_name": "Muhammad",
                      "last_name": "Azhar",
                      "email_address": null
                  "tenant": null,
                  "tenant_id": 0,
                  "user_id": 187246
              "tags": [],
              "created_date": "2014-09-24T12:43:18.027Z",
              "published_date": "2015-04-15T06:02:23.397Z",
              "is_live": false,
              "is_sellable": false,
              "price": 0,
              "total_likes": 1,
              "total_dislikes": 1,
              "total_rating": 0,
              "total_favorites": 0,
              "total_bans": 0,
              "total_views": 5,
              "is_featured": true,
              "channel_name": null,
              "mashup_status": 3,
              "updated_date": "2015-04-14T07:20:06.24",
              "mashup_format": 8,
              "number_of_users": 0,
              "is_enforce_quiz_completion": null,
              "is_expired": false,
              "expiry_date": null,
              "show_on_channel_library": true,
              "total_no_of_sessions": 0,
              "mashup_status_value": "Published",
              "client_time_zone_offset": 0,
              "total_comments": 0,
              "mashup_meta_info_tag": "",
              "mashup_meta_info_category_name": "General",
              "mashup_format_value": "Video",
              "loop": false,
              "enforce_order": false,
              "enforce_completion": false,
              "default_viewing_access": "Anonymous",
              "comment_moderation_required": false,
              "auto_play": false,
              "auto_advance": false,
              "published_on": "2014-09-24T12:41:50.713"
        "count": 1
  "status": 1,
  "status_code": 200,
  "message": null

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