VIDIZMO Administrators can integrate with Facebook by creating a VIDIZMO application on the platform. 

The configuration to integrate VIDIZMO app with Facebook consists of following two sections:

Configuration in Facebook

1. Go to and click on Register.

2. A Register as a Facebook Developer popup window will open:

i. Enter the Company name.

ii. Toggle the Privacy Policy agreement to Yes.

iii. Click Next to proceed.

3. To verify your account:

i. Select your Country from the dropdown list.

ii. Enter a valid Phone Number.

iii. Click on Get Confirmation Code.

4. Enter the Confirmation Code when you receive it in the textbox and click on Register.

5. You are now successfully registered as a Facebook Developer. Click Create App ID to proceed.

6. A Create a New App ID popup window will appear:

i. Enter a Display Name for your app.

ii. Click on the Category dropdown list.

7. Select a category from the dropdown list and click on Create App ID.

8. Another popup window of Security Check will appear:

i. Enter the captcha Text in the box.

ii. Click on Submit.

9. At the Sidebar Menu, click on Dashboard.

10. At Dashboard, click on Choose Platform.

11. A popup window will appear where you will select a platform to get started. Click on Facebook Canvas to proceed.

12. To setup your Facebook app, you will be required to perform four steps.

13. In the first step, you will be required to Setup the Facebook SDK for JavaScript.

14. The second step requires App Configuration. Here:

i. Enter the Canvas Page which is the Facebook URL for your app.

ii. Enter the Secure Host URL which you will copy from Step 4 of Configuration in VIDIZMO.

iii. Click Next to continue.

15. In the third step, you will Setup Facebook Login. Click Next to proceed.

16. In the fourth step, you will test your Application. Click on Open Your App to test it.

17. Your App will run successfully.

18. The Facebook App setup is finished.

19. At the Sidebar Menu, click on Dashboard.

20. At Dashboard, copy the App ID. This will be used while configuring in VIDIZMO.

Configuration in VIDIZMO

1. At Account/Channel Homepage, go to Admin >> Settings.

2. At Settings page, click on Login tab.

3. Click on Enable under the Facebook box.

4. Copy the Canvas URL. This URL is required in Step 14 of Configuration in Facebook.

5. At Facebook:

i. Paste the App ID which you copied in Step 20 of Configuration in Facebook. VIDIZMO will validate the App ID and return the Canvas Page as well.

ii. Click on Done.

6. Now click on Update to save changes.

7. A message will appear stating: Channel Details have been updated successfully. You have successfully integrated your VIDIZMO App with Facebook.


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