A collection is a compilation of digital assets such as videos, audio, images, presentation, and documents. VIDIZMO Administrators can easily manage, access, share and track or delete all digital assets which form the part of a Collection from an Account or Channel. 

To delete a Collection, follow the steps mentioned below:


1. Login to your Account/Channel: 


    i.On the top menu bar, click on the Admin drop-down menu


    ii.Click on Media Management

2. On the Media Management page:

    i. Select the Collection which you wish to delete.

    ii. Click on Delete

3. A message will prompt stating Deleting this Collection will also delete its shared licenses with local other channel users. Do you want to proceed? Click on Ok to proceed.

4. Your Collection will be successfully submitted for deletion. Sometimes the deletion process may go a little longer depending on the size of the content. A workflow will execute in the background to perform this task.


5. The Collection is deleted.

Note: If all of the content included in a Collection is deleted, the Collection will also be deleted from an Account/Channel.


Subject: Collection

Action: Delete


Administrator, Manager, Moderator.