VIDIZMO Administrators can specify and manage various settings of a Channel that control its behavior in terms of access, what users can do, how content is organized and published, look and feel etc.


The Channel Settings are as follows:

Homepage: VIDIZMO’s Channel Setting homepage is the first tab of the settings; it constitutes of primary settings for customizing homepage layout of the Channel. The Homepage tab includes a Welcome Message which is a welcoming note for all the visitors of your Channel Homepage. 

The Channel description is where an Administrators can describe the purpose of the Channel. Your description is generally a summarized account of the intent and purpose or subject matter of your Channel.

The Administrators can add, edit, update and delete Featured Videos and Featured Channels that appear on Account homepage. Featured videos appear on the Channel homepage for easy access. Moreover, the Featured Channels are the Channels you wish to highlight on the homepage. 

For more details, click on Understanding Homepage Settings. 

General: The General tab allows Administrators to set Channel title and description, configure commenting, sharing and content moderation settings. In addition, they can select Membership Type of their channel from available options: Public, Internal, Restricted, Hidden, Custom, and Subscription. These membership types provide a preset configuration that specifies governance policy regarding what type of users can access your channel, content, and participate (comment, share etc.). 

For more details, click on:

Branding: VIDIZMO offers two distinct branding options i.e. Co-branding and White Label Solution. Administrators can brand their VIDIZMO Channels by adding custom themes, colors, background, logo, images, etc. In addition, you can specify your preferred domain or URL to access your channel, specify the default language, update color themes via CSS and logo, customize header etc.

For more details, click on Understanding Branding Settings.

Organization: The Organization tab allows the Administrators to add relevant details regarding the organization such as the name of the organization, industry, size of the organization, the geographical location, addresses, email, website, and contact.

Categories: The Administrators can organize content on VIDIZMO in different categories. From this tab, you can add, edit, delete a category. 

To learn how to add categories to a channel, click on How to add categories in a channel.

Publishing Point: The publishing point is the end point/remote servers where live stream encoders deliver the live audio/video feed. For publishing of live media, the Administrators can configure publishing point for live streams.

Paywall: VIDIZMO provides content commerce functionality in MediaCommerce, allowing customers to sell their content on a monthly and annual subscription basis. The Administrators can specify their PayPal Merchant Account. Once Paypal account is linked, you'll be able to collect payments for content published by your channel directly in your Paypal account. Moreover, you can set pricing tiers based on the number of user licenses a buyer is willing to purchase for your content.

To learn more, click on Understanding Paywall Settings. You can also enable and purchase media from Marketplace. To learn more, click on How To Purchase And Access Media From Marketplace.

Login: VIDIZMO supports several ways to log in and access the channel.  You can configure how your users will be authenticated, track them and control their access to your channel and content.

The Login tab is used to manage:

  • VIDIZMO Login: Users can create a VIDIZMO account to access your channel by registering thier existing email address. This method uses VIDIZMO's built in form based authentication and can be disabled if you prefer other methods of authentication such as Single Sign-On (SSO) or 3rd party login.

  • Corporate Login: Corporate Login provides access to the Channel using your existing corporate credentials. Your users will be authenticated with your corporate directory services such as Active Directory under Single Sign On (SSO).

  • 3rd Party Login: Users with valid login accounts issued by 3rd party providers such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, Twitter and Microsoft, can access your Channel without creating a separate VIDIZMO account.

  • Trusted Domain: Administrators/Managers at times want to restrict embedding or sharing of private Videos to specific external systems such as Facebook, SharePoint, Jive, WordPress or other CMS, Administrator/Manager can enable this feature and specify their domain names.

  • Login Timeout: By default, users are logged out of VIDIZMO automatically after few minutes of inactivity. Administrator/Manager can choose to extend this time by specifying the number of minutes to keep users logged in even if they close their browser or shut down their computer. Click on How to set login timeout? to learn more about it.

Custom Attributes:  A custom attribute is defined as a distinct identity to store any content type in metadata. Administrators/Manager can also add custom attributes to improve metadata and search abilities. From this tab, you can add, edit and delete a custom attribute. 

For more information, refer to Managing Custom Attributes.

Tags: Tags are labels attached to content for the purpose of identification or to give information. Administrator/Manager can specify most commonly used tags. This will allow all publishers in the channel to select tags from the list when publishing new content. Tags are labels attached to content for the purpose of identification or to give information. Administrator/Manager can specify most commonly used tags. This will allow all publishers in the channel to select tags from the list when publishing new content.

To learn more, click on How to configure and use enterprise tags 

Publish & View Settings: The Administrator/Manager can control and pre-define the publish and view settings from this tab.

  • The Publish Setting rules allow Administrators/Manager to set default publishing attributes for all content type in the Channel.
  • The View Setting allows the Administrators/Manager to show a particular selection of publish and custom attributes sorted in order.