VIDIZMO’s Channel Settings Homepage tab is an administrative setting. It constitutes of primary settings for setting the layout of the Account/Channel. It allows Administrators to set the layout of the Channel Homepage to manage the order/sequence of media.

The Homepage tab includes Welcome Message, Featured Videos, and Featured Channels.

Welcome Message

VIDIZMO’s Administrators can customize and add a welcome message and title on their portal to greet users.  By adding a welcome message, you can create a welcoming environment and the welcome message provides the opportunity to state the purpose of the Account clearly. This message appears on the Account homepage.

Note: This option is presently offered only to SharePoint 2013 App users. However, it can also be incorporated in VIDIZMO portals with layout customization. 

Featured Videos & Channels

The Administrators can add, edit, update and delete Featured Videos and Featured Channels to the homepage. 

Featured Videos appear on the Channel Homepage for easy access. Moreover, the Featured Channels are the channels you wish to highlight on the homepage.


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