VIDIZMO’s General Settings allows Administrators to control and moderate content, comments, social sharing, content commerce and Channel access. 


Administrators can perform several operations through the General Settings page explained as follows:

Channel Title & Description

To give a customized feel to your channel, VIDIZMO Administrators can add Channel title and description. This helps create a distinct identity, and the description can assist users in understanding the purpose of the Channel.

The Channel title is used in several places such as browser title, customized menu, Channel menu in the top bar and the left bar, All Channels page, breadcrumb, notification templates, etc. On the other hand, the Channel description appears on the Channel’s Homepage and Join Channel page.

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Reset Tracking Summary

The Reset Tracking Summary is used for timely repetition of courses and campaigns after a specified time or repeating certification after a designated period, etc. For instance, if an organization uses the same training each year, then they can reset tracking every year so that the content goes back to its original state without any activity.

Once the predefined days are reached, the progress will revert to 0%, and the platform will automatically start to generate new tracking. This means that irrespective of whether the media was watched completely, left in the middle, or never watched, it will reset automatically and will be treated as a new media.

This setting applies to all media types, gamification, and users irrespective of the product (Virtual Academy, MediaTube, EnterpriseTube, MediaCommerce) being used. Moreover, the analytics reports will also reflect this as new media content along with keeping the old tracking record of that media as well.

Allow Comments 

Users can comment on media in VIDIZMO through the Feedback Control. This is a permission driven feature where Administrators can control the commenting on a Channel from the General tab by selecting the Allow Comments in Channel checkbox. This can also be done from Media Settings of a particular media if Channel Settings permit.    Once a user logs into a Channel, they can add, edit or delete their comments.

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If a user comments on a playlist/collection from the Playback page, it is associated with the content being played. However, if it is submitted from the Media Details page, it is associated with the entire playlist/collection. 

On the other hand, comments submitted for a course are associated with the entire course irrespective of the page they are posted on.

Comments Moderation

VIDIZMO Administrators can configure comment moderation on the platform. This function helps the Administrators to stop spamming or unwanted comments on the content.

To enable the moderation of comments, the Administrators needs to select Comments will be moderated checkbox from the General Settings page. Moreover, comment moderation can also be configured from Media Settings of particular media if Channel Settings permit.

It needs to be noted that only the comments made by Viewers and Contributors can be moderated. And Moderator+ roles can accept and reject comments on specific media through Media Manager.

An email notification is sent to Moderator+ roles to accept/reject comments. You can choose to subscribe or unsubscribe to these email notifications under your profile. Once a comment has been approved/rejected, mail will be sent to Viewer/Contributor.

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Enabling User Generated Content

The Administrator can give viewers of the Account/Channel the ability to upload content. By enabling user-generated content from the General Settings tab, the platform will automatically convert all Viewers to Contributors and vice versa. This means that the media published by Contributors will be published directly on the Account/Channel.

Moreover, the Administrator can also change the roles manually from the Edit Profile screen. 

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Content Moderation

To ensure that no spam or unwanted content is uploaded on the Account/Channel, the Administrator can enable content moderation through the General Settings page. This means that any content uploaded by the Contributor will go to the Moderator+ role for moderation.

The Contributor can view the status of the uploaded content through the Uploaded tab in My Media. It needs to be noted here that if a user has the Contributor role in the Account/Channel, then only he will get the Uploaded tab in My Media.

The Moderator+ roles can publish or reject media. Moreover, they can also save the submitted media again as a new draft.

An email is sent to the Moderator+ roles if any content is uploaded by a Contributor. Once content has been approved/rejected, mail will be sent to the Contributor. Users can specify the settings and can subscribe or unsubscribe to emails through the Edit Profile option. 

While the media is pending approval from the Moderator, a Contributor can access that media file from the Uploaded tab from My Media (this tab is only shown to Contributors).

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Allow Social Media Sharing

Users desire to share their content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. To facilitate this need, the Administrator can enable or disable Social Sharing through the General Settings page.

Once social sharing is configured on the Account/Channel, the social sharing icons will appear on the Channel Homepage and Details page.

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Restrict Channel Access to Managers & Administrators

At times, the Administrator would want to restrict Viewers from accessing the Channel due to maintenance related activities.

In such a scenario, by restricting access to Administrator, the Channel will only be accessed by the Administrator while the remaining users will be prompted through a disclaimer message regarding restricted accessibility.

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