Branding is used by organizations and businesses of all sizes and types to develop association and familiarity with their product and services. VIDIZMO’s branding helps in developing employee and customer affiliation and offers a distraction free environment for its users.

Branding helps in the recognition of your company, sets you apart from competitors, helps in motivating employees and customers, generates referrals, and adds value to the business.


VIDIZMO’s branding is explained as follows:

Domain Selection

VIDIZMO users can prioritize and select domains for their Channel. This enables Administrators to choose from a directory, subdomain and custom domain.

  • Subdomain: A subdomain is a domain on VIDIZMO which is a part of a primary domain. You can add your preferred Channel's website name to the subdomain. This option allows you to select a subdomain under so your Channel's website address would be similar to as an example.

  • Directory: By selecting the directory, you can create a folder on the primary domain. This option allows you to use a subdirectory or folder structure under the primary domain of so your Channel's website address would be similar to as an example.

  • Custom Domain: You can map your website on VIDIZMO by selecting this option. This option allows you to use your primary domain or subdomain based on your preference, so your Channel's website address would be similar to or

Language Preference

VIDIZMO Administrators can choose the language they wish to set for the Channel. You only have to set the language once, where the platform will continue to display text in your chosen language until you change your preference again.

By default, VIDIZMO enables multiple languages (Allow Multilingual) on the platform. However, Administrators can disable this feature. Administrators can either set English, Arabic, Spanish or French as the default language.

To change your Account's language, go to How To Change Account Language

Colors and Images

VIDIZMO allows Administrators to set the Channel thumbnail, background image, and color. The recommended dimensions for the thumbnail are 100 x 56 pixels and .jpg, .jpeg, .png and .gif files are supported. This allows you to create a customized portal that aligns with your corporate aesthetics.

Channel Thumbnail

Administrators can upload an image for the Channel. This image represents the Channel and is shown as a thumbnail on the All Channels page. If you do not upload a Channel thumbnail, then VIDIZMO’s logo will appear as default.

Background Image & Color

You can upload your background image from this option. VIDIZMO supports .jpg, .jpeg, .png and .gif files only. Moreover, you can also set the background and mobile site header color from the color palette.

White Labeling

White labeling refers to a fully supported product or service that’s made by one company but used by another.

VIDIZMO is a White label solution that can be purchased by enterprises without branding. This way, enterprises can customize the platform with their brand, logo, and identity, allowing customers to associate the product with the enterprise.

Administrators can enable White Labeling for their platform. Moreover, you can also set your Channel Favicon which is an icon associated with your website, typically displayed in the address bar.

Privacy Policy

Administrators can set the privacy policy for the Channel. By adding this statement, you can protect your Channel from privacy breaches and violations.

Customized Header

Custom header is an image that is chosen as the representative image/text that appears in the top header section. This creates a personalized layout of the Channel/Account header. When an Administrator selects the Show Header checkbox, the header with borders is updated on the Account/Channel menu. However, by default, this checkbox is deselected.

Click on How To Change The Layout Of Header to know about the customized header.

Download Message

If an Administrator has enabled downloading, then they can set the download message from this bar. The download message acts as a disclaimer.

Go to How To Add A Disclaimer Message On Media Download to know how you can add a disclaimer message on downloads.

Navigation Menu

VIDIZMO’s navigation menu is a menu bar within the Channel where links to other pages on your platform are displayed.

To add a new link in the menu, the Administrator needs to provide a label and link below. If list runs out of space, a dropdown named More will automatically appear in the menu.

Moreover, the Administrator can restrict this functionality to authenticated users only. 

To customize Navigation menu, click on How To Customize Navigation Menu