VIDIZMO’s Paywall is a system designed to monetize content on the platform by preventing viewers from accessing the content without having a paid subscription.

In brief, Paywall is a feature of VIDIZMO’s Media Commerce that allows Administrators/Managers to monetize their content and get payment from users. This way, Administrators can enable content commerce on the platform. The content is thus sold on a monthly and annual subscription basis. 

The Paywall tab can be accessed from Admin >> Settings:


The Paywall Settings are explained as follows:

PayPal Merchant Account

The Administrators/Managers can add PayPal Merchant Account. Once PayPal account is linked, you will be able to collect payments for content published by your Channel, directly into your PayPal account. Moreover, from this setting, you can set the pricing tiers based on the number of user licenses a buyer is willing to purchase for your content. To learn more click on How To Set Channel Subscription Pricing

Channel Subscription

You can setup a subscription fee to allow access to your Channel. Administrators/Managers can set a monthly subscription fee or an annual subscription fee as per their preference. To learn more click on How To Subscribe To A Channel

If an Administrator/Managers sets the Channel subscription, any user can send join Channel request and become part of the Channel by paying the Subscription Fee. On the other hand, if you do not set any subscription fee then the Channel can be accessed by any user without any payment whatsoever.

Note: Once the Paywall settings are updated, then a sixth membership type appears on the General settings tab, i.e. Subscription.