VIDIZMO’s Login tab allows users to gain access to the platform by identifying and authenticating themselves. The platform supports several ways for users to log in and access a Channel. Thus, with each option, the Administrator can track users, provide them access to media and Channel or vice versa.


VIDIZMO’s Login tab is explained as follows:


User accounts are created in VIDIZMO to access the Channel. This is a simple login process where a user makes use of their login credentials such as username and password to access the Channel. Every time a user logs out in such a scenario, then they will have to add their credentials again to access the Channel.

You can also Customize Registration Form which a user fills while joining a Channel.

VIDIZMO Login can be disabled if other methods of Single Sign-On such as Corporate or 3rd party login are enabled.

Corporate Login

Corporate Login provides access to the Channel using your corporate credentials. VIDIZMO’s Corporate Login includes Single Sign-On, ADFS 3.0, ID Connector Sync service, and WAAD.

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3rd Party Login

Users with valid login accounts of Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, Twitter and Windows Live can access this Channel without creating a separate VIDIZMO account. Users can access the Channel by authenticating their 3rd party login.


VIDIZMO Administrator can integrate with Facebook by creating a VIDIZMO application on the platform. This is possible by adding Facebook domain to VIDIZMO's trusted domain. 

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Trusted Domain

A trusted domain is a domain that the local system trusts to authenticate users. Thus, if an application is authenticated by VIDIZMO’s trusted domain, this application is accepted by all domains that trust VIDIZMO’s domain.

Trusted domains are used in Single Sign-On (SSO), embedding codes, SharePoint 2010, and SharePoint 2013.

If you want to restrict embedding or sharing of private content to specific external systems such as Facebook, SharePoint, Jive, WordPress or other CMS, you can enable this feature and specify their domain names.

Login Timeout

By default, users are logged out of VIDIZMO automatically after few minutes of inactivity to ensure security. Administrators can choose to extend this time by specifying the number of minutes to keep users logged in even if they close their browser or shut down their computer. 

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