VIDIZMO uses Single Sign-On (SSO) technology which is a property of access control of multiple related but interdependent software systems. With the help of SSO, a user gets the ability to log in with a single login credential to gain access to connected systems without the need for maintaining different usernames. It also offers convenience and minimizes the need for support related to password recovery. 

VIDIZMO’s single sign-on (SSO) is divided into two distinct types i.e. Corporate Login and 3rd Party Login. The Corporate Login encompasses ID Connector, SAML/ADFS 3.0, and WAAD whereas 3rd Party Login incorporates ACS/ADFS 2.0.

Trusted Domain: A trusted domain is a domain that the local system trusts to authenticate users. Thus, if an application is authenticated by VIDIZMO’s trusted domain, this application is accepted by all domains that trust the authenticating domain.

Trusted domains are generally used in Single Sign-On (SSO), embedding codes, SharePoint 2010, and SharePoint 2013.

Moreover, media embed can be allowed from the domain mentioned in it, if an Administrator has selected the checkbox “Allow embedding on above domain(s) only” otherwise embed can be played from anywhere without any restriction.