VIDIZMO Administrators can delete a course if required. 

Note:The individual content which is a part of the course is not affected when a course is deleted. 

Here is a step-by-step guide for deleting a course:


1. At the Account/Channel homepage, go to Admin >> Course Management


2. On Course Management page:

i. Select the course you wish to delete

ii. Click on Delete 


3. A popup window will appear stating: Deleting this Course will also delete its shared licenses with local or other channel users. Do you want to proceed? Click on Ok to proceed. 

 Note: When any media is deleted, its shared licenses are also canceled. This means, if a media has been shared by a user or its license has been issued, it will be canceled upon deletion. To know about VIDIZMO's media licensing, click here.


4. A notification will appear stating, Media is successfully submitted for deletion. Sometimes the deletion process may take a little while. The deletion process will execute in the background to perform this task.


Subject: Course

Action: Delete


Administrator, Manager, Moderator.