In VIDIZMO, a course is a compilation of different media types such as videos, audio, images, documents, quiz, survey, and polls, etc. that are accumulated together in the form of a plan to aid in learning. Learners can also import external courses such as SCORM. The aim of conducting courses is to facilitate learning, generate awareness, dissipate knowledge, etc.  

Organizations can create a comprehensive learning environment for learners by assigning courses. Such courses can be classified into levels on Virtual Academy with the help of Gamification.


A course is a primary feature of VIDIZMO’s Virtual Academy. Administrators can create learning plans using courses and assign it to learners. Moreover, learners can also create their learning plans for self-paced learning.

Users can perform extensive learning through VIDIZMO’s gamification abilities. Administrators can track and monitor the performance of courses and learners, create a competitive environment, grant points, predefine levels and award certifications for successful completion of courses.

Administrators can also set the completion criteria for courses. Hence, learners need to complete the course and fulfill the completion criteria of individual media that is a part of the course.

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