A Quiz is a set of questions aimed towards evaluating the audience in order for them to qualify and attain a certain level of competence or to obtain a certificate of completion. A Quiz may be graded or ungraded.

Quizzes are widely used in VIDIZMO's Virtual Academy courses for the learners to achieve mastery of a certain domain of knowledge of a specific industry segment.

On the other hand, a Survey is a set of questions with the objective to gain information about the audience's choice, preference or inclination towards a certain product, service or idea. The responses gathered from a survey helps researchers, organizations, and corporations to arrive at a certain conclusion or to strategize their approach. 

Quizzes and Surveys are a primary feature of EnterpriseTube Premium, Virtual Academy, Digital Evidence Management (DEM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM).

VIDIZMO users are able to create Quizzes to evaluate the learner's attention span, performance during training and activities. Similarly, Surveys are created if feedback is required about a particular product or a service, or to identify the target audience for that product/service.

To get the desired results from the intended learners, VIDIZMO Administrators (Moderator+ roles ) can set up the Quiz or a Survey by using the following settings :

  • Question Types: option to select from Descriptive or Single or Multiple choices
  • Single or Multiple Answers: Allow single or multiple answers for a question
  • Score a question
  • Compulsory: Mark questions as compulsory to answer
  • Duration: Define the duration (in minutes) of the quiz
  • Quiz Score & Passing Criteria: Show score or passing criteria as a percentage
  • Questions: Allow the number of questions that will appear on a page
  • Randomize Questions: Randomize the sequence of questions

To learn more on how these settings work, click on How To Create, Edit, And A Take Quiz.

To imbue a sense of achievement and to motivate the learner to master a skill or to just complete a course, Quizzes and Surveys in VIDIZMO can be linked to a Completion Criteria. Depending upon the desired results, Completion Criteria can either be setup as Time Based or Content Based completion. When the quiz/survey is successfully completed and completion criteria fulfilled, Completion Certificates are issued to learners.

Click here on Understanding Completion Criteria to learn more how this feature works in VIDIZMO.

Playing Back A Quiz/Survey


1. Select your desired Quiz from the Channel's Homepage.

2. On the playback page, you will find a quiz/survey player on the left-hand side, while on the right-hand side relevant media files are listed.

Below the quiz/survey player is the Feedback Bar that enables learners to register their feedback by using the relevant icons such as Like, Dislike, Favorite, Report, Comment, etc. on the quiz/survey.

These options appearing on the feedback bar are property driven and need to be enabled by Administrators to get displayed here. 

Learners can take a quiz by clicking on Start Now, they will then be redirected to another page where the quiz will start. Learners can then see the title and duration of the quiz. On the other hand, a survey begins automatically and can be filled by a user as soon as it is launched. 


Subject: Operation

Action: Get, Add, Update


Administrator, Manager, Moderator