Specifically, SCORM ( an acronym for Shareable Content Object Reference Model) allows communication between eLearning content and Learning Management Systems (LMS). It is a globally accepted standard for the management of eLearning content which allows online content to be packaged and delivered in accordance with guidelines that all eLearning systems must adhere to, in order to ensure compatibility with any SCORM compliant LMS. 

In VIDIZMO, users can upload, publish and view an SCORM by importing SCORM compliant learning content developed in Articulate, Captivate or other SCORM compliant tools. This e-Learning content can be adapted easily for individual and corporate requirements. Trainers have the added benefit of offering SCORM compliant eLearning content as charged content for users to purchase from VIDIZMO. 

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VIDIZMO currently supports 1.2, 1.3, SCORM 2004 2nd Edition, 2004 3rd Edition and 2004 4th Edition of SCORM. VIDIZMO’s SCORM is a zipped package that must contain manifest.XML file which identifies it as an SCORM package. The manifest.XML file contains configuration information that is required by VIDIZMO.

SCORM packages in VIDIZMO are played in external players, launched as a separate window in a browser. The player is included as an embedded part of the SCORM package.

Benefits & Usage

The primary benefit of SCORM is the interoperability it offers between eLearning products. If a user designs eLearning content using various tools, SCORM enables the user to publish that content on VIDIZMO which is then easily accessed by learners. It is an effort, time and money efficient when it comes to content creation and is readily used for training, slide presentations, videos, interactive activities, testing and more. 

Another benefit of using SCORMs is the Gamification of content, a concept of applying instructional design and gaming techniques to dramatically engage and motivate individuals to achieve their goals. Gamification is used to create a competitive environment encouraging people to perform to the best of their abilities. One of the biggest benefits of using instructional design is the affordability. Using SCORM increases efficiency and productivity by reducing the time and costs involved in delivering traditional instructions.

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