A campaign allows Administrators to assign content (media) that is available in single/bulk quantity to single or multiple users and groups. Such campaigns can be scheduled (which means its availability on VIDIZMO will be defined) or vice versa. Moreover, the control to manage and assign campaigns lies with the Administrators.

VIDIZMO allows users to create campaigns for themselves. These campaigns can comprise of different media types that are accessible to the users. On the other hand, the Administrator/Manager can create campaigns and assign it to users. Moreover, Administrators have full control over the campaign, content, users and participants.

To learn about creating campaigns, click on How To Create A Campaign.

VIDIZMO Administrators can edit a campaign to either add or delete content, users, and groups. This can be done from the Manage Campaigns page. 

Click on How To Edit A Campaign and How to Manage A Campaign to learn more. 

VIDIZMO by defaults allows users to be a part of a campaign. Users can send join request for any campaign they wish to be a part of. However, the Administrator/Manager can restrict auto-enrolling after which only those users will get access to the campaign who have been approved by the Administrator/Moderators.

Administrators/Managers can create campaigns and set its status. These statuses are explained as follows:

Running: By keeping the status of your campaign as running, the Administrator/Manager sets it as an ongoing campaign.

Paused: By keeping the status of your campaign as paused, the Administrator/Manager halts the campaign temporarily.

Drafted: By keeping the status of your campaign as drafted, the Administrator/Manager saves the campaign as a draft which is unscheduled.

Completed: A campaign is marked as "Completed" when the specified duration of that campaign is completed.

Canceled: By keeping the status of your campaign as canceled, the Administrator/Manager puts a stop to the campaign.

All assigned campaigns to a user will be listed under the Assigned tab in My Media. Moreover, whenever a campaign is assigned by an Administrator to any user, they will be notified via an email message. 

Note: Only current Account/Channel participants (users & groups) can be added to a campaign.