VIDIZMO Administrators can reset the password of users for security purposes. With this feature, you can reset the password of single or multiple users at once. A random password is generated and sent as an email message to the user once the reset process is complete. 

Note: This method is only applicable to VIDIZMO Logins created through manual registration. If you are using SSO (Single Sign On) or 3rd Party Login with your VIDIZMO account, please check for instructions with your IT Administrator or 3rd Party Login provider.

Here is how you can reset passwords.


1. Login to your Account/Channel:

i.C lick on Admin on the top menu bar

ii.Click on Users & Groups 

2. On Manage Users & Groups:

i. Select all the users whose password you wish to reset. You can also individually select each user or collectively select the entire group as shown below.

ii. From the drop-down menu, select Reset Password.

iii. Click Next to proceed.

3. You will be redirected to the Reset Password(s) page:


i. The usernames and email addresses of all the users whose password you wish to reset will appear.

ii. Select the checkbox Email New Password in plain text to above Users, to generate emails containing the new password to the selected users.

iii. Click on the Reset Password to proceed.


4. A message will appear stating, Password Reset Successful and Email with New Password sent to User(s). Click on Finish once done.


Note: An email message will be generated to all selected users notifying them about the password reset. Users can then reset their password by clicking on the link in the email message in your inbox. 


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