The Administrators can migrate Account/Channel data while changing encoding providers. Migration option will be available in the following scenarios:

  1. VIDIZMO Cloud Encoder to AMS Dynamic Packaging
  2. VIDIZMO On-Premise Encoder to AMS Dynamic Packaging
  3. AMS Dynamic Packaging to AMS Dynamic Packaging
  4. AMS Dynamic Packaging to VIDIZMO Cloud Encoder
  5. AMS Dynamic Packaging to VIDIZMO On-Premise Encoder

To learn more about Setup Wizard, click on How To Configure Account/Channel Using Setup Wizard.

Administrators will have to run setup wizard to start data migration process. Here is a step-by-step process of migrating content to new storage:


1. At Account/Channel Homepage, go to Admin >> Control Panel.

2. At Control Panel page, select Transcoding tab and click on Setup Wizard

3. You will redirect to Setup Wizard page. At Configuration tab, click Change to change the VIDIZMO TranscodingThis will set up a Transcoding Provider to encode content.

4. Select AMS Dynamic from the dropdown list and click Next to proceed.

5. You will move on to Certificate tab. Click on Download Certificate to download an azurecert file. This will validate your VIDIZMO account with Azure.

Note: You can skip this step if you have already uploaded the certificate on Azure Management Portal.

6. Now go to

i. Enter your email address.

ii. Click on Continue.

7. It will look for your account. Once done: 

i. Enter your email address and password.

ii. Click on Sign in.

8. You will redirect to Dashboard. Click on ALL ITEMS.

9. Click on SETTINGS.

10. At Settings, click on MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATES. From here, you can adddelete, and manage all uploaded certificates.

11. Scroll down to the bottom and click on Upload at the task bar. 

12. An Upload a management certificate popup window will open:

i. Upload the certificate which you downloaded in Step 5.

ii. Click on Done.

13. The certificate is successfully uploaded.

14. Copy the SUBSCRIPTION ID which will be used in VIDIZMO's Setup Wizard.

15. Now navigate to Setup Wizard again. You will be at Storage tab. Select Azure Global as AzureCloud from the dropdown list.

16. Now:

i. Enter the Azure Subscription ID which you copied in Step 14.

ii. Click on Validate Subscription to validate the key.

iii. Click Next to proceed

17. After the Subscription ID is validated, you can select whether you want to Create New Storage or Select Existing Storage. Azure attaches its Media Service accounts to storage, which is why it is mandatory to have at least one storage account for your media. In this case, we have selected Create New Storage Account option. Click Next to proceed

18. You will move on to the Transcoder tab:

i. Click on Show Advanced Settings.

ii. Select Update Existing Content check box and select Content Migrate option.

iii. Click Next to proceed.

19. The next tab is of SMTP. You can configure STMP Settings at this tab. In this case, we have not configured SMTP Settings. Select I do not want to change SMTP settings right now check box and click Finish.

Note: Click on How To Configure SMTP to learn more.

20. The Setup Wizard will begin configuration.

Note: Once you reach the Configuration page, you can navigate to another page or close the browser or setup tab at any instance. The process will continue the configuration at the back end. The setup will run smoothly until the process is completed, however, in the case of setup failure, an error code which occurred during the process will be displayed.

21. The process may take up to several hours. You will receive an email message once the Data Migration process is completed.

22. The Data Migration process is completed.

23. You will receive an email message upon completion.

24. At Account/Channel Homepage, go to Admin >> Control Panel.

25. You will redirect to Control Panel's Transcoding tab. The Encoding Provider is changed to AMS Dynamic Packaging. Click on Workflow Queue tab.

26. A workflow is also generated showing the completion of Data Migration process.


Administrator, Manager.