The upload feature is a central administrative function that allows administrators, managers, and contributors to upload digital media in a specific channel library. Depending on your product package, you can upload videos, images, audio, documents, and SCORM content in your channel library. 

Once the media has been uploaded, the media file will be transcoded into multiple formats and renditions. This ensures that the content is viewable across a wide range of devices under any bandwidth condition. 

You can also upload multiple media files simultaneously. To learn more about multiple uploads, click on How To Upload Multiple Files


Note: This article shows video upload as an example. However, all other media types (audio, image, document, and SCORM) follow the same steps. 


1. Login to your Account/Channel. From the top menu bar, click on the Add New Media (+) icon.

2.  You will be redirected to the Add New Media page. Click on Upload Media box to upload your media files.

3. At the Upload Media page, click on Capture/Browse & Upload and select any digital media file that you wish to upload.

4.  You will redirect to Media Settings after file selection. At the Basic tab: 

i. Enter the title for your uploaded media.

ii. Select a category from the dropdown menu. This will help you in classifying your content on the basis of shared characteristics.

iii. Enter the tags to increase your media's search visibility.

iv. Enter a description for your uploaded media. Your description is generally a detailed account of the certain or salient aspects, characteristics, or features of a subject matter or uploaded media.

Note: You can monitor their uploading progress from the progress bar. Moreover, you can also capture thumbnail for your media. To learn more, click on How To Capture And Upload Media Thumbnail

Now, click on the Publish tab

5. At the Publish tab:

i. Select the Player from the dropdown menu. By default, all media files are assigned VIDIZMO as a player. 

ii. Set the Completion Criteria. You can adjust the completion criteria by moving the slider control.

iii. Enable Sharing & Download. You can allow transcriptions, social sharing,  embedding,  downloading,  comments, and show stats.

Note: External viewers are only enabled if the Allow Sharing with External Viewers checkbox in Channel Membership is selected.

Click on the Access tab. 


6. At the Access tab:

i. Specify the accessibility of your uploaded media.  You can set the accessibility by selecting either of the options stated:  "All Account and Channel Viewers", "All Channel Viewers", "Specify Viewers/Groups" or "Anonymous Viewers".

ii. You can also set how users will access the media. Select From Channel Library checkbox, the media will then be available in the Channel Library, select Featured Media checkbox, to feature the media on Account Homepage or MarketPlace checkbox. 

Note: All three checkbox can also be selected if required.

iii. You can set the availability of your media. To learn about media availability, click on How To Setup Media Availability.

Click on the Custom tab.

7. At the Custom tab, you can set custom attributes to improve metadata and search visibility for your uploaded media. A custom attribute is defined as a distinct identity to store any content type in metadata. 

Note: The Custom tab will only be available to Digital Asset Management (DAM) users. However, the publish settings can be configured on request.

Click on the Gamification tab.

8. At the Gamification tab:

i. Set the level for your uploaded media.

ii. Assign points that will be granted to the user on successful completion of the media.

iii. Select the Points Earned Only On Completion or Points Earned Based On Progress radio button to set the behavior in which points will be awarded.

iv. Assign bonus points if you wish.

Note: The Gamification tab will only appear for Virtual Academy users. However, the publish settings can be configured on request.

9. Click on the Save button. A notification will appear stating, Your settings have been successfully saved.

Note: The publish settings can be saved at any time during the upload process. 

10. Now your media file has been successfully uploaded. Click on Channel link to navigate to the Channel Homepage

11. You will be redirected to the Channel Homepage. Select your desired media file for playback. 

12. Your media will playback. 


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