VIDIZMO has simplified the management of digital assets. A workflow mechanism is followed where any

content uploaded by a Contributor is sent for moderation provided if an Administrator has enabled content moderation.

Contributors can view the status of the submitted media from the Uploaded tab in My Media. When any media file is in the pending state, a Contributor can make changes to it. If a Contributor makes changes in the media file after it's been approved or rejected, the Moderator+ roles will have to moderate the media again.

Note that, if a user has access to multiple Account/Channel with multiple roles, then the user needs to have the Contributor role to access the Uploaded tab. All media files submitted by a Contributor are listed in the Uploaded tab. 

Content moderation is only applicable for Contributors. If any Moderator+ role uploads a media, then it will not require any moderation.


1. At Account/Channel Homepage, click on Add New Media  (+) icon at the top menu bar.

2. Click on "Upload Video" to upload a video file of your choice.

3. On the "Add New Media" page, click on "Capture/Browse & Upload" and select any "media" you wish to upload.

4. Your uploaded media will be submitted to the Moderator+ roles pending their approval.

5. Click on the "User" icon from the top menu bar and go to "My Media"

6. On the "My Media" page, click on "uploaded tab" for view the "approved media"

7. Under the uploaded tab, you can easily manage your uploaded media that is either published or is pending approval from Moderator+ roles