The Administrators can issue licenses i.e. assign rights to users. A license can be issued to external users and the users & groups of Account/Channel. This feature is only available for subscription-based model i.e. sellable Accounts/Channels.

The feature is primarily used when a user purchases content from the marketplace in bulk and wishes to assign them.

Administrators can grant a license to users, number of views, and can also set the validity of the license. If multiple users are selected, the license is issued to all users and groups. 

Following are the status of the license issued to users:

  • Active: Sharing license is always active.
  • Expired: After the license validity period is over, the license gets expired.
  • Canceled: Deactivated from the Manage Rights screen.

The license expiry is governed through a workflow which initiates after every 2 minutes by default.

Here is how you can assign rights to a user:


1. At the Account/Channel Homepage, go to Admin >> Media Management.

2. At the Media Management page:

i. Select the media whose rights you wish to assign.

ii. Click on Assign Rights.

3. At the Assign Rights page:

i. Select the users from the Select users or groups list box and click on Add (>).

ii. The selected users will be added to the Selected users list.

iii. Click on Define Rights to proceed.

4. At the Define Rights page:

i. Specify the Total allowed views for following validity period. You can either choose Unlimited or enter the number of view per user. In this case, we have assigned two views per users for the selected media.

ii. Specify the validity of the rights. You can set the period for which the rights will be available to the user.

iii. Click on Apply to proceed.

5. A message will appear stating: License have been issued successfully. Selected users will be notified via email. The license has been successfully issued to the user.


Administrator, Manager, Moderator.