VIDIZMO Administrator can define the rank and assign it to any media from the Media Settings. You can add, edit and delete the rankings as per need. These ranks are defined on certain ranges of points.

Moreover, you can also assign images to the rank to reward the viewers. For instance, when a user achieves a certain rank after viewing any media and acquires points within the defined range of level, then the image will show on the leader board to denote the rank.

Here is how you can define ranking for gamification:


1. At the Account/Channel Homepage, go to Admin >> Setting.

2. At the Settings page, select the Gamification tab. You will find two sections under this tab: Levels and Rankings. From here, you can define the ranking and level for gamification.


Adding A Rank

1. To add a new ranking, click on the Add a New Ranking button.

2. An Add Ranking popup window will display:

i.  Enter a suitable title for the ranking.

ii. Enter the description which will define the ranking.

ii. Enter a start point.

iv. Enter an end point of the ranking. 

v. You can also add an image to the ranking. Click on Add Image and select an image from your device. 

3. At the Add Ranking popup window:

i. Your uploaded image will successfully display.

ii. Click on Add to proceed.

Note: Repeat the above steps to add more Ranks

4. Your rank will be successfully added.


Edit A Rank


1. You can edit a ranking by clicking on the Edit icon.



2. An Edit Ranking popup window will open, edit the desired fields and click on Update


3. The rank will be edited successfully.


Delete A Rank


1. You can delete a ranking by clicking on the Delete icon.



2. A popup window will display with a notification stating: Do you want to delete the ranking?. Click on Yes to proceed. If the operation was done by mistake or you have changed your mind then click on No to close the window.


3. The ranking will be deleted successfully.




Administrator, Manager


Subject: Gamification

Action: Add, Edit, Delete