A leader board shows the position of users that are a part of the Account/Channel. It shows the current position of users based on the points earned by the learner. This comparison is made with other users who are a part of the Account/Channel. 

Moreover, the top scorer of current month/week as well as global (all international users) and local (all regional users) users are individually tabulated on the leader board.



1. At the Account/Channel Homepage, go to User Menu >> My Courses.

2. You will redirect to My Courses page:

i. You can view your overall points under My Ranking.

ii. You can also view the required points to achieve next rank under My Ranking.

iii. You can view your position amongst all users in an Account/Channel under My Position. 

iv. You can view Global Top Scorers of the current month and your standing under Top Scorers.

3. Click on Global to view the Top Scorers of This Week.

4. You can also switch the region by clicking on Local. It will display Top Scorers of This Month.

5. Click on Local to switch to view the Top Scorers of This Week.


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