VIDIZMO Administrators can view the status of every workflow initiated on the Account/Channel. You can search the workflows on the basis of date, keyword, workflow name, state, event and activity name. 

The Administrators can view the completion percentage of the entire workflow or each activity, as per preference. Moreover, the information pertaining to the success/failure of the workflow is populated in Results for diagnostic purposes.


1. At the Account/Channel Homepage, go to Admin >> Control Panel.


2. At the Control Panel page, click on the Workflow Queue tab.

3. At the Workflow Queue page, you can filter the workflows according to the state, events, and activity.

i. Enter the Added Date (From).

ii. Enter the Added Date (To).

iii. Enter a Keyword.

iv. Click on Search.

4. The workflow for your desired dates will be displayed. You can also filter the search as per your requirement.

i. Select the desired Workflows.

ii. Select the State.

iii. Select the Events.

iv. Select the Activity.

v. Click on Search.



Administrator, Manager