The Microsoft Azure™ Marketplace is an online market for buying and selling finished Software as a Service (SaaS) applications and premium datasets. Microsoft Azure Marketplace not only helps connect corporations seeking innovative cloud-based solutions with partners, like VIDIZMO, who have developed solutions that are ready to use, but also helps them to leverage their existing Enterprise Agreement with Microsoft to launch products in their machines within minutes. This also allows customers to utilize their pre-purchased Microsoft Azure Account subscription from Microsoft, under a negotiated low rate for CPU, storage, encoding, and bandwidth.

This article will walk you through the process of deploying your VIDIZMO Virtual Machine in your Microsoft Azure Cloud from the Azure Marketplace.

Let's get started ...

There are two ways you can reach the Microsoft Azure Portal to deploy your VIDIZMO Virtual Machine:
i. Use the VIDIZMO's public listing on the Azure Marketplace to reach the Azure Portal.
   Search for VIDIZMO Products to get VIDIZMO offers.
   Clicking on the "Get It Now" link will take you to the Microsoft Azure Account login.     

ii. Sign in to your Microsoft Azure Account and start creating your VM from the Azure Portal

    iii. Once you have accessed your Azure Portal, click on the +New link on the top left-hand corner.

iv. Using the search bar, look up “VIDIZMO LLC” to load the list of VIDIZMO Virtual Machines available in the Marketplace.

v. The search results, select the VIDIZMO product that best suits your needs.

vi. Once the product is selected, provide the information needed to configure your VIDIZMO Virtual Machine.

1. Basics - Configure Basic Settings

Provide your credentials for accessing your VM. In this screen, you will also be required to provide your Azure subscription, resource group, and the data center location.
Click on the Next button to continue.

2. VIDIZMO Infrastructure Settings

From Step 2 of the configuration wizard, you can configure VIDIZMO Infrastructure Settings like Virtual Machine Storage Account, Virtual Network, Subnets, Virtual Machine Size, Media Service and the Media Service Storage Account.

Depending upon your business needs, you need to select an appropriate Virtual Machine size. Another important requirement in this step is the Media Service, which enables Content Caching, Encoding and Live Streaming on your VM.

3. VIDIZMO Application Settings

Select your VIDIZMO product and provide user credentials to access the VIDIZMO application.     

4. Summary

Finally, you get the summary of the VM you are about to create. 

Click on the "OK" button to complete the process. 

5. Buy

In this step, after going through the VIDIZMO License Information, click on the Purchase button to proceed. This initiates the Virtual Machine deployment process.

Your VIDIZMO Virtual Machine may take a few minutes to deploy. You can track the progress from the following places:

i. The blue tile in the Dashboard

ii. From the Notifications Menu on the top bar.

Using the VIDIZMO Application

When the deployment is successful, you will receive two emails:

i. An email with confirming your purchase of the VIDIZMO Application.

ii. An email with the link to access your VIDIZMO Application. Log in to your application using the Application User credentials provided in Step #3.

VIDIZMO Application comes with a free 30 day fully functional trial license. After the trial period ends, you can purchase a full production license by contacting VIDIZMO Sales.