VIDIZMO is a license-based product, either it is deployed on-premise or on the cloud. Either way, it requires having a valid VIDIZMO license to run appropriately. It is one of the most important security layers of VIDIZMO.


VIDIZMO's license is issued for a specific period, and you will have to renew the license once it is expired to keep using the service.

A License Key is required to activate the unlicensed VIDIZMO instance. Without activation, users cannot log in to an account. 

Here is how you can activate your VIDIZMO License:


1. Go to Activation page from client’s domain where you have installed VIDIZMO software. 

    URL will be like Insert license key here and click Activate button.


2. Enter the License Key provided by VIDIZMO to activate your software. Click on Activate once done.



3. You will see a notification that the key has been validated successfully. This means that your account is validated and you can now use it. Note that, if your key has expired or previously used, it will display an error message stating that the entered key is either expired or previously used.


Upon activation, you can see the basic information of package is displayed including package name, the total number of channels, the total number of users in administrator, manager, moderator, contributor & viewer roles.



4. You may now login to your channel after activation.