The Administrators of an Account can delete the Channel they have created. A Channel can be deleted from the All Channels page provided that the permission is enabled. All data within a Channel is physically deleted and cannot be recovered. Moreover, the last Account/Channel cannot be deleted from the Account.

Here is how you can delete a channel:


1. At Account/Channel Homepage, go to Sidebar Menu >> All Channels.

2. You will redirect to All Channels page. Hover your mouse on the Channel you want to delete and click on Delete.

Note: Make sure that you are a part of that channel.

3. A popup window will appear. Click on Ok to confirm your selection.

4. Another popup window will appear:

i. Enter the stated Confirmation Key in the Enter Key text box.

ii. Click Done to proceed.

Note: Once Deleted, Channel or its data, including content, cannot be recovered.This process may take a few seconds to several minutes. You can close browser, anytime after clicking ‘Delete’ button

5. The deletion will begin. The process may take a few seconds to several minutes.

6. A message will appear stating: Channel is successfully deleted.


Subject: Channel

Action: Delete

Subject: Channel

Action: Delete