VIDIZMO is an all-in-one enterprise video content management solution that consists of a multitude of high-end functionalities that cater to a variety of enterprise video needs. VIDIZMO is a one stop solution for data-driven businesses that are in need to make processes simpler and efficient with the help of dynamic solutions.

An Account on VIDIZMO is a video portal for enterprises that enables organizations to store, manage and share digital assets in a highly secure environment. VIDIZMO creates two types of Accounts, i.e., paid or trial.

On the other hand, a Channel is a sub-portal within the Primary Account. Channels are created for the segregation, categorization, and organization of digital media content. For instance, a large scale enterprise has several departments for whom they can create separate Channels. This will assist them in segregating content, ensuring that their sensitive data (videos, audios, images, documents, etc.) is not accessed by unauthorized users.

Note: Channel cannot be segregated into a sub-portal and the Channel Settings are governed on the Account level.

The Account/Channel Administrators on VIDIZMO can perform the following tasks:

  • Manage User
  • Upload and Manage Media
  • Transcoding
  • Share Media with users
  • Manage Channel Settings
  • Analytics
  • Billing
  • Monitor Account/Channel operation and workflows through the Control Panel

These are the common operations that the Administrator can perform on an Account/Channel. However, there are certain operations that are governed on Account level only. For instance, My Media can only open on the Account level. Moreover, ECDN (Enterprise Content Delivery Network) is also configured on the Account level.