Enterprise Video Portal & Streaming Media Solution for organizations with large-scale media needs security, compliance & scalability to stream live and on-demand video over the public, private and secured intranet with enterprise application integration & single sign-on.

VIDIZMO products offer easy to use video portal for internal and external viewers for webcasts, corporate communication, knowledge sharing, training, learning, infomercials & commercials. VIDIZMO has made several packages for its on-premise and SaaS customers.

VIDIZMO offers the following products to its on-premise and SaaS client:

  • MediaTube
  • EnterpriseTube
  • Virtual Academy
  • Digital Evidence Management
  • Digital Asset Management
  • MediaCommerce

VIDIZMO derives Package by its product. Each product thus facilitates to different packages. In general, a package is categorized by:

  • Number of channels
  • Storage
  • Transcoding
  • Streaming
  • Total number of registered users
  • Total Active Users
  • Number of users in each role

A default menu is defined on the package level, in the case where there is only one Channel, then My Media comes under the custom menu, and the All Channels link does not appear on the Account.