A Collection playback page enables viewers to preview content such as videos, audios, images, documents, etc. The user interface of a Collection’s playback page is different than all other media formats. T he Collection playback page is divided into:

  • VIDIZMO Player
  • Information Panel
  • Feedback Bar
  • Related Media

Information Panel

The Information (i) panel comprises of the information about the content which is being played. This includes the meta description, meta tags and custom attributes which aid in searches.

VIDIZMO can resume playback on all devices where tracking of Collections is also independent of devices. Thus, learners can leave the content at any instance and can resume playback from any device.

Feedback Bar

The Feedback Bar enables learners to like/dislike, favorite, and comment on the Collection. If a user comments on a Collection from the playback page, then it is submitted for that individual content which is currently playing. However, if it is done from the Media Details page, it is submitted for the entire Collection.