A content provider manages access to a central repository for content storage and delivery. Through a content provider, VIDIZMO pledges to offer secure, reliable content delivery with broad global reach and rich feature set, accelerated performance and improved availability, global coverage with massive scalability, simplified experience to enable CDN from multiple providers, and a rich set of API and developer tools.

VIDIZMO offers all its clients with a consistent storage and delivery mechanism that ensures secure data access and intercommunication between the cloud and the application.

Every account created on VIDIZMO needs a content provider for the uploading process. By default, VIDIZMO uses Microsoft Azure as its primary content provider for SaaS models but can also easily integrate with other content providers such as Azure Media Services (AMS) or use an On-Premise storage on a local CDN.

Types of Content Providers

VIDIZMO’s content providers are classified into three categories:

1. Azure/Smooth Streaming

2. Azure Media Services (AMS)

3. Local CDN

Azure/Smooth Streaming

Azure is Microsoft’s public cloud computing platform which offers various cloud services such as analytics, compute, storage, and networking. Furthermore, Microsoft’s Azure is available as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Users have the leverage to select from the services to develop and scale new and existing applications using the public cloud.

On the contrary, adaptive bitrate streaming has gained immense popularity over the passage of time amongst enterprises due to an increase in usability, cost efficiency, compatibility and seamless firewall transversal. Globally, adaptive bitrate streaming is a standard for delivering online videos. On the other hand, end users can leverage the technology since it minimizes seek times, buffering and ensures optimized playback experience. Microsoft is said to be the first company to debut adaptive bitrate streaming which they refer to as Microsoft Smooth Streaming (MSS).

MSS is a hybrid media delivery method which is similar to streaming but follows HTTP progressive downloading.

However, by default, Azure is the primary content provider for SaaS models, and VIDIZMO uses blob storage to store the content. Once the content is stored on Azure, a CDN is used to access content for playback purposes.

Azure Media Services (AMS)

Azure Media Services enables SaaS clients to deliver content globally on any virtual device using cloud computing. The AMS offers services such as live or on-demand streaming, encoding, audio and video indexing and content protection.

AMS storage is classified into two types; blob storage and AMS assets. Blob storage is used for initial uploading. As documents and images do not require any transcoding, they are kept in the blob storage. On the other hand, audio and video files are transcoded after which the files are moved to AMS assets which are a separate storage. Hence, the audio and video content is stored and served from AMS assets and documents, and images are served from blob storage.

Local CDN

Local CDN is a content storage of media types on On-Premise file systems. A CDN is efficient in delivering the content to a user by their geographic location. Hence, the service is effective as it expedites the process of content delivery of such websites that have high traffic or massive global reach.

For instance, if a company has its headquarters in New York and a regional office in London, by using a local CDN the company can stream or deliver content with ease across the board without congesting the local bandwidth.

A local CDN does not support Smooth Streaming. All the media types that can be uploaded on VIDIZMO will be stored and served from the same content provider.