The group is a manageable entity that represents a collection of users. All individual users as part of a group can be managed, controlled and assigned content with ease. This means, by creating groups, the Administrator does not need to set settings for each user; rather they can collectively implement the settings on the group as a whole. 

VIDIZMO has created groups for its users to manage permissions, behavioral settings, and categorical assignments for bulk users. A group can be created with users and groups both.

VIDIZMO enables Administrators to add users of one group to another and send emails to the entire group together. Moreover, groups can be imported through Single Sign-On (SSO) to VIDIZMO through Federated System. 

You can create, edit and delete a group in VIDIZMO.

Click on How To Create, Edit And Delete A Group to learn more. 

Note: By default, all users added to VIDIZMO are assigned the All Users group. Administrators who wish to change the default group configuration can do so by changing the application configuration key to DefaultGroupName.