Workflow can be described as the movement of tasks and activities through a business process. It is a sequential progression of activities or a set of complex processes that are taking place concurrently. These activities have an impact on one another according to the set of rules, routes or roles being followed.

VIDIZMO Administrators can view the status of every workflow initiated on the Account/Channel. You can search the workflows on the basis of date, keyword, workflow name, state, event and activity name. You can view the completion percentage of the entire workflow or each activity, as per preference.

VIDIZMO’s workflows are triggered upon the occurrence of any event. Every workflow is comprised of a certain set of activities which are executed in a certain sequence defined by VIDIZMO. For instance, if a user copies a media, a workflow will be generated that can be viewed from the Workflow Queue tab in Control Panel. This tab will denote the progress/state of the workflow.


The workflows are initiated on several events such as when:

  • Media is copied
  • Document is added
  • Content is added
  • Image is added
  • Tenant is setup
  • Presentation is deleted
  • Content Data Migration
  • Presentation is published
  • Closed caption indexing is added
  • Presentation is updated
  • Encryption key is updated, etc.


Workflows on VIDIZMO can exist in the following states:

  • Pending
  • Running
  • Finished
  • Finished with Error
  • Completed
  • Failed
  • Rolled Back
  • Cancelling

Jobs & Quota

Every workflow taking place on VIDIZMO is governed using its own quota. For instance, if the quota is set as “2” for any workflow then only 2 jobs will be initiated at a time. On the other hand, certain workflows are initiated one at a time such as Document Processing; such workflows are referred to as sequential workflows. This means that the user can submit as many jobs, but only one job will run at a time.

The workflow is queued and picked by Workflow execution service one by one. There is a maximum number of job that can be picked by VIDIZMO at a time. However, this can be configured on per VIDIZMO instance. By default, VIDIZMO can pick 10 jobs at a time.

In the case of an error, the platform will undergo a retry mechanism. By default, 3 retries will take place. However, this can also be configured as per VIDIZMO instance. Once all retries are consumed, the workflow will be marked as “Failed.” Moreover, you can also rollback or cancel a workflow after it has initiated.

A notification will be generated denoting the success/failure of a workflow provided the Administrator has enabled email notifications. These notifications can also be configured on per workflow basis and can be sent to the user who initiated the workflow. Moreover, the information pertaining to the success/failure of the workflow is populated in Results for diagnostic purposes. To learn more click on How To View Workflows