Content licensing is the distribution of media assets or intellectual property to any 3rd party. In most cases, media is licensed for a fixed term or a negotiated fee. The license contains all legal clauses and specification about how the assets can be used by the buyer.

In VIDIZMO, media licenses are a way to grant rights to any viewer to watch media for a specific period along with the number of times they have been granted access. 

There are two ways through which VIDIZMO governs media licensing:

1.License Issued Implicitly

2.License Issued Explicitly

1. License Issued Implicitly

A license issued implicitly is the one that is granted as a response to a certain action performed by the user. This license is issued indirectly to the user.

VIDIZMO issues license to the users implicitly when media is shared with external viewers, by assigning campaign to users and when the media is accessed and purchased from the Marketplace. 

In VIDIZMO, licenses are issued to share media with external viewers or specific users registered on VIDIZMO. This allows them to view the media for a limited period. To know more about sharing of media, click on How To Share Media With External Viewers.  

Media can also be licensed by assigning campaigns to users. When a campaign is created, it is time, date and view-centric. This means that the campaign assigned to users can only be accessed within a particular time-frame and viewing specifications set by an Administrator. Click on How to Create a Campaign to assign media to users. 

Moreover, users can also access and purchase media from VIDIZMO's Marketplace by adhering to VIDIZMO licensing protocols. To know more about media purchasing and access, click on How To Purchase And Access Media From Marketplace.

2. License Issued Explicitly

A license issued explicitly is one that is granted directly when an action is performed. In the case of VIDIZMO, licenses are issued explicitly when Administrators wish to assign or manage rights. 

Licenses can also be issued by the Administrators to assign rights to external users, users & group of Account/Channel or any user of VIDIZMO. This feature is only available for subscription-based model i.e. sellable Accounts/Channels. 

The feature is primarily used when a user purchases content from the marketplace in bulk and wishes to assign them.

Administrators can grant a license to users, number of views, and can also set the validity of the license. If multiple users are selected, then the license is issued to all users and groups. 

To know more about assigning rights to users, click on How To Assign Rights To Users. You can also manage rights of users. Click on How To Manage Rights to learn more

Following are the status of the license issued to users:

  • Active: Sharing license is always active.
  • Expired: After the validity time is over, the license gets expired.
  • Canceled: Deactivated from the Manage Rights screen.

The license expiry is governed through a workflow which validates the license after every 2 minutes by default. However, Administrators can change the license expiry date from the Application Configuration.