A marketplace connects buyers and sellers over the Internet. It is an eCommerce platform that allows individuals and businesses to list down their items for sale on the marketplace platform and leverage from the clientele and services such as payments, viewing product and its information, browsing, buying, inventory and order management.

In VIDIZMO, users can list their content on the Marketplace. Any content/media bought from the Marketplace is available to the buyer for a certain period and views.

The Marketplace is an open platform where all VIDIZMO and external users can purchase content. For instance, if an existing user buys any media, the content will be available under the My Media tab of the existing Channel. However, external users can buy content by creating a new public account, and the media will then be stored in the My Media of the public Channel.

VIDIZMO's Marketplace is an aggregation of sellers with an inventory of their content/media. Thus, a buyer gets to choose the content published by multiple sellers giving them the ability to choose the content of their preference.

VIDIZMO gives administrative control over media listed in the Marketplace, ability to assign licences to users and the ability to link to PayPal. To learn how to do this, click on How To Setup User License And Link PayPal Account

This means VIDIZMO Administrators can define the range for the number of users the license is issued and default PayPal account from the Paywall tab. By doing so, Administrators will set the range of users for media commerce, and by specifying the PayPal account, all payments received will be deposited in the account directly. You can set your pricing tiers by the number of user licenses a buyer is willing to purchase for your content. The user tier will be applicable on all media listed for selling. 


When a user enables Marketplace, a Pricing Tiers tab will appear. You can either set the media pricing or make it available free of cost which will then be listed in the Marketplace. Click on How To Enable Content Commerce for more details.

Once a media has been listed on the Marketplace, it can be accessed and purchased by users. To access the marketplace for content commerce, go to marketplace.enterprisetube.com.


Once a user has selected media to purchase, the user needs to go to the checkout page to complete the transaction. In case, multiple files are selected then ensure that all media files belong to one Account/Channel. Thus, media from different Account/Channel cannot be bought in a single transaction.


To make payments, VIDIZMO only supports PayPal at the moment. 


While making the transaction, users can specify the duration for the purchase, and the payment will be calculated according to the pricing tier set for the media. However, if the duration does not exist then the system will acknowledge user to "Call for Quote." The Account/Channel Administrator will be contacted to make a pricing quote.


Once, the media is purchased, the existing VIDIZMO users can access the content from the Uploaded tab in My Media. To know about media purchasing and access, click on How To Purchase And Access Media From Marketplace.