A subscription is an arrangement to receive a product or service, typically a publication or access to publication, regularly by paying in advance on the periodic basis, e.g., monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc. and access to the purchased product or service ceases with the termination of a subscription.

VIDIZMO MediaCommerce offers a unique membership type "Subscription" (not available in other products) which allows channel owners to secure and provide access to their content only to registered and often paid subscribers. Channel owners can choose to publish their content (video, audio, documents, images, courses) for free or paid, in which case subscribers can pay an annual or monthly subscription fee. This model is similar to YouTube Red and Netflix where subscribers pay a subscription fee to access their content.

A Channel owner can define the terms of accessibility, price and subscription interval (monthly or yearly). If Channel Subscription is enabled by the Administrator, users can get access to an Account or Channel by paying the associated subscription fees online. However, an Administrator can also grant direct access to a user without requiring any payment by adding him to the channel. This is helpful in cases when you may want to either charge your users offline or simply provide free access to your content. Click on How To Set Channel Subscription Pricing for more details.

Users looking to subscribe to a Channel can subscribe from Join Channel page where they can select subscription interval (monthly, yearly) as specified by the Administrator, provide registration details and check out using PayPal for payment. Note that the channel Administrator might have configured request approval, in which case the subscriber will have to wait until the request gets approved by the Administrator irrespective of the user's subscription fee status. Click here to learn more about Channel Membership.

Note that PayPal is the only payment processor supported by VIDIZMO, which accepts payments via both PayPal and major credit cards such as VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Diners. VIDIZMO offers its customers option to leverage VIDIZMO's default PayPal merchant account or choose to purchase their own.

When a new user subscribes to a channel, the amount is deducted from the subscriber's PayPal account or charged to their credit card on a recurring basis either monthly or yearly based on the type of subscription selected by the subscriber. A subscription can be canceled either by the subscriber from their PayPal account or by the Administrator from PayPal merchant account. In either case, the Administrator is required to disable or delete the user account from VIDIZMO manually.

Click on How To Subscribe To A Channel for more details.