VIDIZMO users can buy media for personal use from its Marketplace. To access the marketplace for content commerce, go to

Once a user has selected the media to purchase, the user needs to go to the checkout page to complete the transaction. If multiple files are selected then ensure that all media files belong to one Account/Channel as media from different Accounts/Channels cannot be bought in a single transaction.

To make online payments, VIDIZMO only supports PayPal at the moment. 

During the transaction, users can specify the duration for the purchase, and the payment will be calculated according to the pricing tier set for the media. However, if the duration does not exist then the system will acknowledge user to "Call for Quote." The Account/Channel Administrator will be contacted to make a pricing quote.

Once, the media is purchased, the existing VIDIZMO users can access the content from the Uploaded tab in My Media.


1. Navigate to the Marketplace and select any media of your choice.


2. You will be redirected to the Details page. Click on "Add to Cart." 


3. From the Purchase Content page

i. Select the checkbox to validate your selection. 

ii. Click on Calculate to proceed. 


4. Now click on "Check out with PayPal." 


5. If you are an existing VIDIZMO user, click on the Returning Customer tab or select the New Customer tab.

i. Enter your required email address and password.

ii. Click on Sign In.


6. Choose your mode of payment

i. Fill in the credentials

ii. Click on Log In.


7. Review your purchase summary and click on Pay Now


8. A message will appear stating, "You just completed your payment." 


9. Your video will be successfully purchased.



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Action:  Buy