VIDIZMO Administrators can search the content from the Media Management page (Course Management in case of Virtual Academy). Administrators can use keywords to search content or filter content as per module type, author, status, etc.   

Here's how you can search content from the Media Management page.


1. Login to your Account/Channel. 

i. From the top menu bar, click on Admin drop-down menu.

ii. Select Course/Media Management

2. From the Course/Media Management page

i. Enter the keyword you wish to search.

ii. Click on Search icon. 

3. The media featuring the keyword will load.

4. You can also search the content using the filter icon as highlighted below.

5. To filter media from the Course/Media Management page

i. Select the module type.

ii. Select the author/uploader.

iii. Sort by title, duration, most viewed, most recent, most relevant, most popular, points or level

iv. Select the status

v. Apply the filter 

Note that this is a sample search and any filter can be chosen as per need.

6. Your desired search will display. 


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