A course playback page enables learners to preview content such as videos, audios, images, documents, quiz, and survey, that are a part of the course. 

Here is how you can playback a course:


1. Click on the Channel link as highlighted to redirect to Channel Homepage.

2. You will be redirected to the Channel Homepage. Select a course which you wish to playback by clicking on its thumbnail. 

3. The course will load. When you finish watching media, a Check icon shall appear next to the watched course indicating that the content has been watched successfully. The progress is recorded on the Progress Bar.

4. Now watch the second media. On completion, the Progress Bar will update your progress. 

5. Move to the third media. You will see that the Progress Bar will update with each successful completion. 

6. Watch the fourth media and the changes will be updated on the Progress Bar.

7. Click Start Now to attempt the quiz. 


8. Once completed, the Progress Bar will show 100%. A message will appear stating: You have passed the quiz.


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