VIDIZMO Administrators can manage Users & Groups using search and filter operations. You can search for a specific user or group by first name, last name or email addresses. However, these searches can be filtered by status, roles, and user type.

VIDIZMO  loads a search for the users & groups by default. However, this default search can also be filtered if required. You can also sort the information, manage user roles and federated users from the Manage Users & Groups page

Bulk operations can also be performed such as edit and delete users, enable, disable and reset password

To learn about bulk operations, follow How To Edit Profile In Bulk

Here is how you can manage Users & Groups:


1.  From Account/Channel homepage, go to Admin >> Users & Groups.

2. You will be redirected to the Manage Users & Groups page. Here you will find all users and groups in your Account/Channel. You can search for a specific user or filter users/groups by roles, user type, or status. In the search field on the right-hand side:

i. Enter the first name, last name or email address of a user/group.

ii. Click on Search icon to filter the search.

3. Your search results will appear. You can click on:

i. Edit icon to enable users to edit users & groups.

ii. Delete icon to enable users to delete users from the Account/Channel.

iii. Manage Rights icon to enable users to issue licenses and manage rights of users.

4. You can also filter users by their roles and status:

i. Select a specific user role from the drop-down menu.

ii. Choose the status from the drop-down menu.

Note: You can filter your search using roles or status independently as well. 


5. Your search result will appear.

6. You can also approve user requests by selecting the Requests tab..

7. At the Request tab:

i. Select the user you wish to add by selecting the checkbox against the username.

ii. Select Approve or Reject from the drop-down menu.

iii. Click on Apply.

Note: You can select multiple users and approve or reject them as required.

8. A notification will appear stating: Selected Request(s) have been approved and User(s) have become part of the Channel.


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