The Administrators can define the range for the number of users the license is issued for from the Paywall tab. By doing so, Administrators will set the range of users for media commerce and all payments received will be deposited in the PayPal account directly. You can set your pricing tiers by the number of user licenses a buyer is willing to purchase for your content. The user tier will be applicable on all media listed for selling. Click on How to Enable Content Commerce to learn more.

Here is how you can add pricing tiers:


1. At Account/Channel Homepage, go to Admin >> Settings.

2. On the Settings page, click on the Paywall tab.

3. On the Paywall tab: 

i. Specify the range of User Licenses. For instance, 101 to 200 users.

ii. Click on Add to add the user tier.

4. Repeat the same step to add more Pricing Tiers. Click on Update to save changes.

5. A message will appear stating: Channel details have been updated successfully.


Subject: Presentation

Action: Sell


Administrator, Manager