Publish Settings Form

Publish Tab


Featured Set Permissions Description
Player  Subject: Presentation Theme, Action: Allow
 Show Player drop down
 Completion Criteria  Subject: Presentations, Action: Approve
 Show Completion Criteria
 Social Sharing  Subject: Presentations, Action: Share  Show/hide social sharing checkbox
 Embed  Subject: Presentations, Action: Embed  Show/hide embed checkbox
 Transcription  Subject: Presentations, Action: Add  Show/hide transcription checkbox
 Download  Subject: Offline Presentations, Action: Download  Show/hide download checkbox
 Comments  Subject: Presentations, Action: Allow  Show/hide comments checkbox

Access Tab


Featured Set Permissions Description
 Specific Viewers/Groups  Subject: Users, Action: Get
 User need this permission to search user within the channel
 Marketplace  Subject: Presentation, Action: Set Sell  show/hide marketplace checkbox
 Anonymous Viewers  Subject: Presentation, Action: Set Public
 Show Completion Criteria
 Password  Subject: Presentation, Action: SetPassword  Show password box in case of anonymous access
 Channel Library  Subject: Presentation, Action: AddInLibrary  Show/hide embed checkbox
 Featured Media  Subject: Presentations, Action: Approve  Show/hide featured checkbox
 When will it be available?  Subject: Presentations, Action: Approve  Show the future publish and expire dates