Live chat feature in VIDIZMO allows viewers to interact with channel administrators including Moderators, Manager & Administrator roles during the Live webcast. This allows viewers to ask questions during the Live Webcast and receive responses from channel administrators who are actively engaged during the Live webcast. Viewers are only able to see their own messages and responses to those messages, and it does not allow them to engage with other viewers. Also, the administrators are able to block or unblock users as needed from using Live Chat for sending messages.

Here's how you can configure the Azure Management Portal to use Live Chat in VIDIZMO:

1. Adding a Service Bus and Adding CORS Rules for the Azure Storage

2. Configuring VIDIZMO to Use Services Defined on the Azure Portal

1. Adding A Service Bus And Adding CORS Rules For The Azure Storage


1. Click here to go to the Microsoft Azure Portal.

i. Enter your email address and password.

ii. Click on Sign in to continue.

2. It will look for your account. Once done:

i. Enter your password.

ii. Click on Sign in.

3. After a successful sign in, the Microsoft Azure Portal's Dashboard is displayed.

i. Use the Search to lookup Service Bus and click on it to open the screen from where you can create a Bus Service.

ii. Click on the button to create a new Bus Service.


iii. Enter a name for the service being created.

iv. When creating a new Service Bus, you will need to select a Pricing Tier for this service. Here, the Standard package is selected.

v. Select the Subscription against which this Service Bus is being created.

vi. Select a Resource Group if it already exists in the drop-down or create a new Resource Group.

vii. Select a Location.

viii. Click on the Create button at the bottom to start deploying the Bus Service.

ix. The process to deploy the Service starts which can be viewed from the Dashboard.

x. Navigate to the Shared Access Policies screen either by searching from the search bar or scrolling down to select it from under the Settings section in the features list.

xi. Select the Policy from the list to view details on the right-hand side.

xii. These keys are required for configuring Live Chat in VIDIZMO.

Copy these keys for later use.

xiii. You will also need the Storage Account Access keys. Copy the Storage name and these Keys for later use.


4. Now, create CORS under Table Service in the Storage Account.

i. Select your Storage Account.
ii. Scroll down to the Table Service and select CORS.
iii. Then click on +Add at the top to create CORS rules.


iv. The +Add link opens a Panel on the extreme right to Add CORS rules. Provide the following information against the respective fields:

- Allowed Origins: Enter " * " only in this field.

- Allowed Verbs: Select all of the available options.

- Allowed Headers: content-type,accept,x-ms-blob-content-type,x-ms-blob-type,x-ms-version,*

- Exposed Headers: content-type,accept,x-ms-blob-content-type,x-ms-blob-type,x-ms-version,*

- Maximum Age (secs): 3600

Click on the Add button to save the changes.

2. Configuring VIDIZMO To Use Services Defined On The Azure Portal

In Section #1 above, Service Bus and CORS rules were defined on Azure Portal. The information from Azure Portal will be used to activate VIDIZMO's Live Chat feature.


1. From the Account/Channel Homepage, go to Web Admin >> System Configuration.

2. Click on the AppConfig tab on System Configuration page.

3. Under the Application Configuration, select the General tab.

4. Provide the information against the following fields. After a value has been provided in the field, the Update button (vi) needs to be clicked for each field before moving on to the next field:

i. AzureChatHandlerURL:

ii. AzureChatServiceKey: This is the Primary Key copied in Step xii of 3, in Section 1.

iii. AzureChatServiceUrl: This is the Primary Connection String copied in Step xii of 3, in Section 1.

iv. AzureStorageKey: This is the Key from the Storage >> Settings >> Access Keys, copied in Step xiii of 3, in Section 1. 

v. AzureStorageName: This is Storage Name provided against which the Storage Key was taken.

5. A message will appear stating: Record Successfully Updated.

6. Now click on Apply Changes & Reload to make changes effective.

7. A message will appear stating: Your settings will take effect shortly. Live Chat Application is now ready to use.

Click here on Live Webcast Overview to learn more about VIDIZMO's Enhanced Live Chat Features.


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