FreshDesk is a cloud-based customer support platform that offers backend customer support to companies of all sizes. 

The FreshDesk Integration consists of following two sections which consist detail steps:

  • Configuration in FreshDesk
  • Configuration in VIDIZMO

Configuration in Freshdesk

1.  Go to, click on SIGN UP to register on the site. 

2.  Freshdesk offers a 30-day free trial. To proceed:

i. Enter your first name, last name, email, company, website URL and contact number in the relevant fields. 

ii. Click on Get Started For Free at the bottom. 

3. Your community platform configuration will begin. The page will automatically redirect to your account. In case it does not, click on the click here to continue link to proceed. 

4. You will redirect to Dashboard. At the top bar, click on User Menu

5. Click on Profile Settings from the dropdown menu.

6. At Edit Profile page, you will find Your API Key on the right-hand side of the page. Copy the API Key. The API Key will be used while configuring FreshDesk integration in VIDIZMO.

7. Now click on Admin at the top menu bar.

8. At the Admin page, click on the Security under General Settings

9. At Security page:

i. Toggle On the Single Sign On option.

ii. Select Simple SSO option.

iii. Copy the Shared Secret token to enable Remote authentication. 

Configuration in VIDIZMO

1. At Account/Channel Homepage of VIDIZMO, go to Web Admin >> System Configuration

2. At the System Configuration page, click on Application Configuration tab.

3. You will redirect to Application Configuration page. Click on the FreshDesk tab. 

4. At the FreshDesk tab: 

i. Paste the FreshDesk API Key which you copied in Step 6 of Configuration in FreshDesk

ii. Enter the FreshDesk Domain URL.

5. Paste the Shared Secret token which you copied in Step 9 of Configuration in VIDIZMO. Click on Update of all three fields to save changes.

6. A message will appear stating: Record Successfully Updated.

7. Now click on the Apply Changes & Reload to proceed. 

8. Another message will appear stating: Your settings will take effect shortly.

9. At Account/Channel Homepage of VIDIZMO, go to Web Admin >> Account Administration.

10. At Account Information page:

i. Enter the Name/Domain.

ii. Click on Search.

iii. Once the search results are displayed, click on Edit

11. You will redirect to Edit Tenant page:

i. Select the Subscription model from your dropdown list.

ii. Click on the Support Type dropdown list.

iii. Select either Tier 1 (Viewers and All Roles) or Tier 2 (Administrators, managers, moderators) as per preference. 

iv. Click on Update to proceed. 

12. A message will appear stating: Account/Channel has been successfully updated


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