My Media page allows viewers and learners to access published media or courses that have either been assigned to them by Administrators via Learning Plans or self-assigned to themselves via their own learning plans.

This allows viewers and learners to view and access their assigned Media or Courses, review their progress, resume in-progress courses, and access completion certificates for completed courses all at one place.

My Media page has three tabs:

1. Assigned

2. Favorites

3. Shared & Purchased

For Contributors, the Uploaded tab also appears on My Media page.

Note: My Media is displayed as My Course for Virtual Academy customers and instead of the Assigned tab, it appears as Learning Plan tab

For Digital Asset Management (DAM) users, the Favorites tab appears as Watch Later.

Assigned Tab

From the Assigned tab (appears as Learning Plan for Virtual Academy customers), users can replay or resume in-progress Media or Courses, review the progress of the played Media or Course, and if the Course has been completed, view issued completion certificates.

There is a Leader Board section on the right side of the Media thumbnails, which gives an overview of the user's current Position, Ranking, and Scores as compared to other users. Leader Board compares learning progress and completion with other users who are a part of the Account/Channel.

Here is what the leader Board displays:

i. Overall points under My Ranking

To learn more about Ranking, click here on How To Define Ranking For Gamification.

ii. Required points to achieve next rank under My Ranking

iii. Position amongst all users in an Account/Channel under My Position

iv. Global Top Scorers and your standing under Top Scorers. Top Scorer view can be toggled between Monthly or Weekly views.

v. Top Scorers by region. It allows you to switch the region to Global or Local. 

For example This Week Global and This Week Local and vice versa for This Month views.

Favorites Tab

Media added as a favorite from the Feedback bar on the Playback page shows up under the Favorites tab. From the Favorites tab you can:

i.  Click on the + icon to add this Media as a self-assigned Learning Plan. 

ii. Click on the - icon to Remove it from your Favorites list.

Click here to learn more on How To Add Or Remove Media To Favorites.

Shared & Purchased Tab

The Shared and Purchased tab contains all the sellable content that has been bought by a user or shared by a VIDIZMO user to an external user. Users can click on the Media to play it or use the + icon to add it to their Learning Plans.

To learn more about Purchased Media, click here on How To Purchase Documents, Collections, Images And Videos.

Uploaded Tab

The Uploaded tab is visible to users who have Contributor rights and all media files submitted by a Contributor are listed in the Uploaded tab. Contributors can view the status of the submitted media from the Uploaded tab in My Media. 

Content moderation is only applicable for Contributors. If any Moderator+ role uploads a media, then it will not require any moderation.

When any media file is in the pending state, a Contributor can make changes to it. If a Contributor makes changes in the media file after it's been approved or rejected, the Moderator+ roles will have to moderate the media again.

If a user has access to multiple Account/Channel with multiple roles, then the user needs to have the Contributor role to access the Uploaded tab.  

To learn more about the Uploaded Media, click here on How To Manage Uploaded Media.


Following permissions allow users to Watch videos from My Media/My Course.

Subject: My Media/My Courses 

Action: Enroll


Administrator, Manager, Moderator, Contributor, Viewer.