To give a custom look to your VIDIZMO profile, users can update their profile pictures. Users can perform these operations from the My Profile page, as and when required. 

Here is how you can add or remove your profile picture:


1. At the Account/Channel Homepage, go to User Menu >> My Profile.

2. At the Personal Profile pageclick on Edit Profile.

3. Your profile information is in edit mode now. You can update your profile picture from here as well. Click on the highlighted portion.

4.At Edit Picture, you can upload, adjust and preview your profile picture. Click on Choose file to upload your profile picture. 

Note: You may select PNG or JPEG image formats for your profile picture.

5. You can rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise, hold and drag, and refocus your profile picture as highlighted below according to your preference. The Preview window will show your adjusted profile picture in real time. Click on Save to save your profile picture updates.        

6. You have now successfully updated your profile picture on your Personal Profile page.You can similarly remove your existing profile picture with the new one by following the above steps.


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