The term "Criteria" refers to a standard by which one can be judged or evaluated for a certain domain or body of knowledge. 

Completion Criteria are crucial in learning a course and mastering a skill so that the learner can feel satisfied and motivated about that course or skill. These criteria are designed by the Subject Matter Experts of that body of knowledge or specific industry segment. They are usually implemented by means of tests, quizzes, exams, mandatory questions and time duration of the courses taken, etc.

There are 2 scenarios of Completion Criteria:

1. Time-based Completion Criteria

2. Content-based Completion Criteria

Similarly, in the context of Learning Management System or Virtual Academy that VIDIZMO specializes to offer, the Completion Criteria are designed as described and explained below:

1. Time-based Completion Criteria: The time spent on the course by the learner is kept compulsory to achieve required competence or mastery. For instance, a trainee pilot is unable to obtain a license for flying until and unless that trainee spends a certain number of hours on the flying course. In VIDIZMO, this is implemented by setting time duration criteria of individual contents of the course. 

You may recall that in VIDIZMO, Course is a collection of all or one of the following media:

  • Audio: The completion criteria for audio is based on length of the audio file.
    In VIDIZMO, the percentage(%) of completion criteria of the audio media file is set as described
    in the image below.

  • Video: Similarly, the completion criteria for video is based on the length of the video file.
    In VIDIZMO, the percentage(%) of completion criteria of the video media file is set as described
    in the 2nd image below.

  • Image: An image is either viewed or not viewed. A viewed image is considered to be completed

  • Document: A document is scrolled from the beginning to end. A fully scrolled document is considered completed.

  • Quiz:  A quiz is either passed or not passed. A passed quiz is considered completed when the passing criteria are achieved. In VIDIZMO, the passing criteria are defined while creating the quiz in the Settings tab.

    Quizzes are made mandatory to attempt by the user to get a certificate and this procedure is described below. Certain questions of the quizzes can also be made compulsory.

  • Survey: A survey is either completed or not completed depending upon the length of time or duration of the survey. In VIDIZMO, the duration of the survey is defined while creating the survey in the Settings tab.

    Just like quizzes, surveys also have compulsory questions as well that are mandatory for completing the survey.

This criterion is set individually for each content(media) of the course through the Media Management section. You can edit the Settings of each published media via their Publish tab: 

To learn more about Media Settings, click on Understanding Media Settings.

2. Content-based Completion Criteria: Certain parts of the content of the course like quizzes, surveys, tests or exams are kept compulsory to acquire satisfactory or proficient/expert competence level for that course. For example, in order to qualify for a driver’s license, one is required to attempt a certain number of quizzes about driving rules and regulations and pass them successfully.

This 2nd scenario of the completion criteria is implemented in VIDIZMO while creating a course. You can select the Pass all Quiz(zes) to get certificate checkbox in the Publish tab:

To learn more about quizzes and surveys, click on What Is A Quiz/Survey.