Organizations desire to manage discussions and comments that take place on their platforms. VIDIZMO allows users to moderate comments ensuring control over the content on their platforms. The Administrator can avoid unwanted comments or spam on the platform by configuring comment moderation on a channel. 

To configure comment moderation on an Account/Channel, click on How To Configure Comment Moderation On Channel.

A user having Moderator+ role can approve, edit, or reject comments submitted by Contributors and Viewers.

Here is how you can moderate comments:

Steps To Reject Comments

1. At Account/Channel Homepage, go to Admin >> Media Management.

2. At Media Management page:

i. Select a media on which comments are pending approval.

ii. Click on Comments. This will also show the number of comments which are pending approval.


3. You will redirect to a new page from where you can moderate comments. Click on Reject to reject a comment.

4. A message will appear stating: Selected Comment have been rejected.

Steps To Edit Comments

1. At Comment Moderation page, click on Edit to edit a comment.

2. Update the comment in the text field and click on Update.

3. A message will appear stating: Selected Comment(s) have been updated.

Steps To Approve Comments

1. At Comment Moderation page, click on Approve to approve a comment.

2. A message will appear stating: Selected Comment have been approved.

When all the comments have been moderated, No pending Comment(s) found message will appear.


1. Click on Sign In at the top menu bar.

2. At Sign In page:

i. Enter your Email and Password.

ii. Click on Sign In.

3. Now click on the Channel link at the Navigation Menu to redirect to Channel Library.

4. Click on the media on which your comment was pending approval.

5. Your comment will be shown in the Comments section after approval from the Moderator+ role.


Administrator, Manager, Moderator.